What is AISI? What is the AISI Network online community of inquiry?

AISI (Alberta Initiative for School Improvement) has always been about working together through face to face learning communities who meet, share and discuss their learning in an effort to help children succeed.

None of that has changed. But now AISI schools are also leveraging an online learning environments (AISI Network Community of Inquiry) to connect, share, get their questions answered and co-create amazing things related to their areas of inquiry.

AISINetwork helps Alberta educators solve common problems, create innovations & explore ways of working collaboratively while sharing transparently what works.

In an AISI school? Then you need to join us. 


… join the AISI NETWORK online community of inquiry
Discuss common interests and/or challenges, explore ways of working together, identify common solutions, and share
good practice and ideas. You will have opportunities to:

• connect with like-minded colleagues and peers
share experiences and learning
• enable collaboration and achieve common outcomes
• improve student learning experiences and achievement
validate and build on existing knowledge and good practice
innovate and create new ideas
grow leadership potential
explore different facets of action research

Join here: http://aisinetwork.ning.com
Click the ‘Join’ button at the top right and fill out your profile

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