Collective Intelligence Building Twitter Chat

TwitterglowOn Wednesday night, January 30th, AISI Network hosted another successful Twitter hashtag chat, this time on the topic of Collective Intelligence Building. It was a challenging topic for a twitter chat and in order to build collective intelligence people were taking time to think, support others, ask questions and share resources. A smaller group of participants this go-round made for a slower, deeper, more scholarly chat. Great learning was enjoyed by all.

Chat Stats

There were 32 contributors, 293 tweets, 188 retweets, and 28 @replies.


Click the links below to read full transcripts from the chat. *Some people used the #AISI tag and others used #plpnetwork tag, and some used both, so be sure to look at both streams to follow the entire chat.

Collective Intelligence Building Twitter Chat PDF 1

Collective Intelligence Building Twitter Chat PDF 2

Notable Tweets

Want a heads-up on the next chat?

AISI and PLP will be hosting a new twitter hastag chat every other Wednesday through the month of May. Follow @aisinetwork or @plpnetwork to keep up with topics and receive reminders for future AISI/PLP events. Our next topic (Feb 13): Attributes and Examples of Effective Collaboration (on and offline).


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