Empowering a Community

Elk Island Catholic Schools uses thematic analysis to capture the voice of the core stakeholders

The Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) encourages school districts to gather feedback from various stakeholder groups to determine the effectiveness of an active project and to inform the direction that the next project should pursue.

Over the last few AISI cycles, Elk Island Catholic Schools has used various methods to gather input from stakeholders, including a steering committee, surveys and focus groups.  More recently, they added a process called thematic analysis, a method of qualitative analysis that attempts to “tease out” the common themes from data collected through surveys and focus groups.

The article “Empowering a Community for Learning”, featured in The Scoop- January 2013 describes the process they developed, drawing upon research literature (Fereday & Muir-Cochrane, 2006; Guest, MacQueen & Namey, 2012) and the expertise of Jason Daniels, Associate Director of Evaluation and Research Services at the University of Alberta.

Moving forward, the process has become a catalyst for many ongoing conversations to support school community engagement and to empower core stakeholders in the implementation cycle.  The original collaborative process culminated in the creation of Elk Island Catholic Schools’ AISI research project for Cycle 5, Empowering a Community for Learning, and now can also be used to analyze qualitative data collected in support of their new action research project.

To learn more about the process of using thematic analysis to capture stakeholder voice – read the full article in The Scoop.

Quoi de Neuf (Janvier 2013) http://bit.ly/XTAVC4

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