Connected Learning: AISI Network Style

e37d66687114fd7a7d384b151752d957_biggerDuring the upcoming AISI Conference there will be several ways to leverage social media to share and celebrate all that is happening at the conference. Whether you are attending in person or just keeping up via the AISI Network you will want to engage in one or more of the following learning spaces.

Live Bloggers on AISI blog
Several guest authors have been invited to join us in blogging the event live. What is Live liveblogBlogging? If you’re attending a conference or other event related to your blog’s niche, you might want to consider live blogging from the event. Live blogging is basically just posting regular updates to your blog as the event is taking place, rather than blogging about it after the fact.

You will be able to read our guest author’s posts and reply to their ideas on the AISI Network Blog. Check out the author grid on the right hand panel of the blog to see who will be serving in the role of Guest Author.

AISI Network Community of Inquiry(COI)
Some of you who are part of the AISI Network Community will want to try your hand at blogging about session at the conference but just aren’t ready to go public. No worries!  If that is you, we encourage you to blog inside the AISI Network Community.  To do so simply click here and create your post. If you would like to see other blog posts in the community click here.  If you want to follow the blogs posts others are writing in the AISI Network Community click here.  Be sure and leave a comment or two while you are reading others’ posts. Blogging is all about conversations.

communityIf you are a school involved in AISI work we hope you will join the AISI Network Community. If you are not involved in the AISI Network you can keep up with the conference on our public blog or Twitter stream.

Back Channel Chat
An engaged participant is usually in a position to learn deeply. Join in on the back channel chat as you attend the various sessions at the AISI Conference. Share quotes from the presentation, links to content or books that are mentioned, extend ideas being made, and share from your own experience. Most importantly use the back channel to connect with other learners at the conference. How? We will be back channel chatting  from inside the AISI Network Community.

Those who are not members of the AISI Network Community can follow the Twitter stream for the back channel.

Twitter- #aisinetworktwitter
For those who will be tweeting during the conference be sure and use the #aisinetwork tag. Those who want to follow the tweets can click on the #aisinetwork tag in a post and it will bring all the tweets together for you. If a lot of folks are tweeting and the conversations starts to go by too quickly to follow, you can go to & enter #aisnetwork in search and follow the tweets there. Great advantage of doing that is you can control the speed.

You will also want to make sure you are following @aisinetwork on Twitter too. As @aisinetwork will also be tweeting out and retweeting other important tweets not using the #aisinetwork tag (as sometimes happens in a conference when people forget to use the tag).

Hope you will take part in the
AISI Conference 2013: Research in Action:  Transforming the Learning
Keynote Speakers:    Dr. Andy Hargreaves & Dr. Nat Kendall-Taylor
February 11 – 12, 2013

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