Action Anchored to Vision

The 4 presenters in the breakout session Junior High Students are Agents of Change through Flex-Time shed light on what happens when you hold, and act on, a vision of supporting and developing students to be self-directed, personally responsible, and intrinsically motivated.

Father Michael Troy School (Edmonton Catholic Schools) is the location of this innovation. There is an explanation of their flex-time model here on their homepage (scroll down).

The steps they’ve taken have been purposeful and provided appropriate levels of support towards independence. Evidence at the school is already suggesting that the conditions have been created for spontaneous peer mentorship and reciprocal teaching of peers.

The principal indicated that, in regard to this innovation, he has often been asked, “Why fix something that isn’t broken?” His answer (see vision statement above) reminded me of Simon Sinek’s concept of The Golden Circle.

Putting dreams into action–this is an example of how it happens.


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