Be Brave. Be Bold.

During Dr. Andy Hargreaves’ opening keynote, he reminded us of the words of former Minister of Education, Hon. Dave Hancock (2008-11):

“There’s nothing wrong with failure, as long as we learn from it. So be brave. Be bold…”

Inspiring Education beckons us, with a bold vision of educated Albertans as Engaged Thinkers who are Ethical Citizens with Entrepreneurial Spirit.

The invitation to innovate continues to be explicit. The opportunities are real. AISI is fertile ground for opportunity, innovation and improvement.

What steps will each of us take today to strategically face and co-create the learning that will prepare students for their (and our) futures?


About Maureen Parker

Lifelong learner, educator and leader!
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One Response to Be Brave. Be Bold.

  1. There is nothing better than giving teachers the autonomy and freedom to experiment and innovate within their own classrooms for the benefit of their students… Yea verily!! AISI is definitely a leader in this arena that we can all learn from. Thanks for posting!

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