The Elephant in the Room and Andy Hargreaves

Thank-you to Andy Hargreaves from having the bravery to discuss the elephant in the room at the AISI convention: how will you keep the innovative teaching and learning alive in Alberta if AISI disappears?

If AISI leaves today…students outcomes will improve next year based on the fat of the learning that has happened over the past 12 years. But in 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, we will decline and fail our students.

We must inspire teachers and schools simultaneously to make things better; to innovate, to create learning experiences that are new in a disciplined way.

If you are not innovating or improving = Dead horse (USA)
If you are improving but not innovating = Race horse (Ontario)
If you are innovating and not improving = Pegasus (the 70’s)
If you are innovating and improving = Iron Horse (Alberta)


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