Turning Teachers into Researchers

What have the AISI leaders at PHRD learned about teacher research in Cycle 5?


Its Organic
Research is not always “scientific” hard to control for variables
Dialogue is rich data but hard to capture
Time and geography are barriers
Capturing stakeholder voice is challenging

Differentiated Instruction:
Can be done tech free
Choice is key
Helps students understand themselves as a learner
Front end loaded work
Challenging to assess varied student products
Focus often shifts from students to content at higher levels (HS)
Students are more engaged in authentic learning tasks

Student Learning:
Some students require more structure and direction with tasks
Some skills need to be pre-taught
Examplars are important for scaffolding
Students are inclined to perfect their work if they know that they would have feedback from their peers.
Sharing their learinng and success is important to students
Requires a safe and respectfu learning environment
Multiple Intelligences makes a richer conversation



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