Virtual it is…the best laid plans

Adaptive expertise. A 21st Century skill set and literacy. Malleability. Being able to back up and implement a plan B with grace and passion.?????????????????????????????????????????????

We have worked on my face-to-face involvement with the AISI conference for months now. At first it was “just one more conference” as I do lots of them each year. But in recent weeks it took on more meaning for me. As I got a closer, inside look at the work these educators have been doing for years now (we are in Cycle 5) and listened to the deep, collegiality in their descriptions of their learning, I became quite engaged. As the day to travel grew closer I became very excited. Not only was I presenting on all the incredible potential of the AISI Network Community of Inquiry, but I was going to be listening to all the hard work, shared vision, and excellence of ideas and findings from each school or school division’s action research.

Then the storm hit the East Coast and one behind it hit Minnesota where I was to land yesterday. All the alternate flights were booked due to people trying to reroute themselves from the Northeast. It was the wrong time to be reworking a flight. My airline, DELTA tried. Then they tried to get me on another airline. We worked on it for hours. Finally, a manager came on the phone and said we just can’t make it work but we will refund your money. UGH. I didn’t want a refund, I wanted a flight.

After the reality set in that I wasn’t going, I decided to quit pouting and focus on how this unfortunate experience might give me more focus to making the virtual end of the conference even more effective. It will be like flying a plane blind but it can be done.

Being Part of a Virtual End of a Conference
1) Live Bloggers – to a certain extent the Live Bloggers who will be blogging here will make the conference come alive. As they attend sessions I will read and comment on what they are learning. I hope you will join me.

2) Twitter stream– I will be tweeting using the #aisinetwork tag. I hope others who are at the conference will do so too. That way I can keep up. I hope folks will share pics, quotes, and key experiences they are having.

3) Back Channel– The back channel chat will take place inside our Community. If folks at the conference will be active in the back channel it will be easy for me to bring those ideas to the virtual stream.

4) In Community Posts– The other way AISI Community members can help is to be blogging from inside the community.

My participation in the AISI Conference is totally dependent on my PLN who is attending. This experience could be a clear testament to how networked learning happens. I hope folks attending the conference realize the potential for learning for so many outside the conference depends on their ability to transparently share as they are learning.

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One Response to Virtual it is…the best laid plans

  1. Thank you for all your work connecting learners throughout the conference Sheryl. Sorry that the weather restricted your physical presence!

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