Opening Keynote: The Five I’s of Educational Change

Research in Action:  Transforming the Learning

AISI Conference 2013 was a tremendous success with over 800 delegates attending!

imagesOpening Keynote: The Five I’s of Educational Change by Dr. Andy Hargreaves

In this presentation, Andy Hargreaves draws on his new book with Dennis Shirley on The Global Fourth Way, that features Alberta and AISI as one of six worldleading examples of high performance in education.

The presentation, sets out  and explores the interrelated importance of five I’s in educational change.

Inspiration – to raise people up in achieving a dream for the future as Alberta has
been seeking to do through Inspiring Alberta
Innovation – in creating new teaching and learning, through and beyond new
technologies, with every community of teachers engaged in developing new
practices in their classrooms and schools.
Inquiry – into the successes and failures of innovation; recognizing that failure is
inherent to innovation but should not harm students by affecting too many, in too
much of the curriculum, for too long – so inquiry is real-time investigation that
makes innovation more disciplined.
Improvement – in more conventional yet essential learning outcomes in literacy,
numeracy, wellbeing etc – ensuring that innovation can be achieved alongside,
not instead of or after more traditional improvement.
Inclusion – through universal design, differentiated instruction and an ethical
climate of acceptance and engagement so that improvement and achievement
benefits all students in all schools together.

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