Research in Action: Transforming the Learning

Yesterday was an amazing day of learning at the Research in Action: Transforming
the Learning 
AISI conference.


If you didn’t attend you can catch up by looking over the tweets and Live Blogger posts.

  • 965 tweets on DAY 1 of the conference using the #aisinetwork tag. 160 contributors. 399 retweets. Transcript->
  • Sixteen Live Blogged Posts from Day 1 – Amazing.

We also had a few folks back channel chatting in the AISI Online Community. (Only those schools with current AISI work are part of the AISI Network Community of Practice) And a few folks blogged in the community too.

Why is all this sharing important?

1. We are social learners. The more we hear the insights of others, the more connections we make and the deeper the learning. That is why comments to blog posts are so important.

2. In an era of economic down turn it is important that others hear the value of the AISI work you are doing. It is important work. We have decision makers and friends of AISI following the #aisnetwork tag and so your thinking, research, innovation and passion for education become more visible when we Tweet collectively and @aisinetwork retweets what you are sharing (both inside and outside the community).

3. Transparent sharing is in itself teaching. As you share what you are learning or what resonates with you– others have their ah-ha moment around what you are saying. Your teaching/coaching reach is amplified. You become a learner first and educator or leader second.

So as we enter Day 2 of the conference please do one or more of the following.

  • Tweet quotes, ideas, what resonates, push back and more using the #aisinetwork tag
  • Live Blog a session you attended by using the blog in the AISI Community. You can see an example of what Live Blogging looks like by looking at the posts from yesterday.
  • Engage in the back channel chat inside the AISI community. Ask questions. Extend ideas. Share what you are hearing and I will tweet it out from @aisinetwork
  • Leave a comment on one of the Live Blogger posts here on the AISI blog. Comments become conversations and conversations result in learning and shift.

Learn by doing. Connected educators improve by connecting. Your voice is important. Use it.

Let the learning begin in Day 2 of the AISI Conference!


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