AISI Conference Afterglow

The AISI Conference Research in Action:Transforming the Learning was a huge success. If you attended you probably learned a few things and saw some great presentations. Now is our chance to leverage the AISI Network Community and share what we learned here.

Conference attendees kept up with each other and the various presentations by using Twitter. Here is a recap of the tweets over the 2 Day conference. Lots of great links to follow up on. Many of which are pictures.

The keynote presentations were exceptional.
Andy Hargreaves and Nat Kendall-Taylor were perfect choices. Recordings, slides and handouts are available here. Two of the breakouts have materials listed. We are hoping more of you will share your presentations materials soon.

Another exciting component of the conference was the LIVE Blogging that took place. Several AISI affiliated folks volunteered to blog during the conference. Live blogging is tough because you are essentially creating posts as the session is unfolding. Check out the Twenty live blogged posts here.

So what now? In the afterglow of the conference now is the time to start to build our AISI Network Online community. Ask your AISI Coordinator how to get involved.


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