Twitterpated– Attributes of an Effective Collaborator

69290979Every other Wednesday at 7pm Mountain time the AISI Network (@aisinetwork), with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach as facilitator, is leading a scholarly Twitter Chat.

This is an opportunity for folks who want to discuss topics that might not be the norm in a fast paced, 140 character venue that Twitter provides.

Each week we invite Alberta educators, AISI schools, and the PLPeeps over at Powerful Learning Practice (#plpnetwork) to join in and help us push the limits of Twitter.  We also open the conversation to others who might happen to see the provocative ideas being discussed and want to add value as well.

Last night we discussed, “Attributes of Effective Collaboration- On or Offline.” There were only a handful of us, but to be honest I enjoyed the conversation. I didn’t have to race to find posts flying by as in the past. It was a comfortable conversation with new and existing members of my PLN. Smart folks I hadn’t met before joined in too. For example, I found myself learning a great deal from @gregkostiuk, Principal of Our Lady of the Assumption School in Lethbridge, Alberta.  And because of the pace the folks who were brand new to Twitter had a great first hashtag chat experience.

Here are the stats:
Because some use just #aisinetwork here is the transcript for  #aisinetwork 2-13
37 contributors used either #aisinetwork tag alone or both #plpnetwork and #aisinetwork tags. There were 255 tweets during the chat using that tag(s) and  97 retweets with 63 @replies

For those who used either just #plpnetwork or both #aisinetwork and #plpnetwork here is the transcript #plpnetwork 27 contributors and 250 tweets with 80 retweets using just #plpnetwork or both tags.

Worth Mentioning
A couple interesting things happened this go round. First, David Jakes, a long time friend and network connection  saw the preshow tweets and asked…


Since we have so many who haven’t tweeted a lot, much less been part of a #hashtag chat, I have always done a preshow tweet set with instructions for those folks.

Usually @aisinetwork will do a run down of how it all works. Then right before we start @plpnetwork will RT those tweets. It is designed for folks who are new. But now I find myself wondering if those who are established on Twitter and follow @aisinetwork or @plpnetwork find it annoying. Maybe next round I will just do a blog post and tweet it out several times with the “how to” rather than step by step instructions as Tweets. Please reply below with what do you think I should do?

Second interesting thing was the number of lurkers. Folks who told me later how much they enjoyed the chat and yet didn’t participate. I imagined it like a panel of hashtag chatters tweeting and having a discussion around the topic and then others sitting in the “audience” listening (lurking) and benefiting. In all the chats I have participated in and led I had never considered that aspect before. I would love it if you would reply below with your ideas about that. Should we just assume that is the case? Should we try harder to pull people in or is lurking in a #hashtag chat acceptable? Why or why not?

When Can We Do It Again? 

Join us next go round.. Wednesday, Feb. 27 where collectively will be sharing examples of Action Research in various stages of development and discussing the lessons learned. Lots of opportunities to ask questions of those involved in the process and those who guide others along.

Below are a few sample Tweets from the discussion. To see the entire transcript look above.

In the team I work w/, we use IDEO’s bell approach when an idea is dinged, and throw a “flag on the play” if off-task — Jessica Raba (@jessicaraba) February 14, 2013

Degree of on-line trust depends on situation. What is goal? How important is it to produce? Do participants know each other? #plpnetwork — karen giesler (@pioneer_susie) February 14, 2013

Thinking upfront & continuing building and maintaining trust– is trust more fragile online?#aisinetwork#plpnetwork — Lani Ritter Hall (@lanihall) February 14, 2013

Here’s some tools for building relationships and trust in online spaces #aisinetwork #plpnetwork — Janne Edney (@Techlectic) February 14, 2013

Hope you will join us next go round,


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One Response to Twitterpated– Attributes of an Effective Collaborator

  1. This was my first active twitter chat…I’ve been ‘learning by lurking’ previously. I am SHOCKED at your remark about enjoying the slower speed, Sheryl…for me things were flying by so quickly I felt more like I was in a race car than a nice slow Sunday drive. 😉 And I loved it…it was so energizing! Not only was it great seeing a diversity of thought, experience and opinion, but I got to meet some very interesting new people. I would definitely encourage other lurkers to jump in!

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