Making Learning Visible

At the recent AISI Conference learners were asked to make what they learned visible on a physical wall with PostIt notes. We compiled it here to leverage social media as a way of making the learning transparent and visible to others. Reply below with suggestions on how YOU make your (or your students’) learning visible.


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2 Responses to Making Learning Visible

  1. I process through talking/writing, so I make my thinking visible frequently through all manner of social engagement. The thing about making thinking visible, is that as great as it is for helping me formulate, articulate and refine my thinking, it can be a risky endeavour at times in that I’m engaging in that process in public spaces — putting out things that I’m wondering about, things that are percolating through my brain, incomplete snippets of creative ideas. I do my best thinking collaboratively though…when trusted friends and colleagues push back on my ideas and help me to rub the rough edges off them, polish them up, and better articulate what I’m really on about. Online communities such as the AISI Network and the PLP Hub are great places for me to engage in visible learning…and other social media such as Twitter are great for crowd sourcing and asking questions that contribute to my learning.

  2. Kelly Johnson says:

    Janne, I couldn’t agree with you more. I know this about myself as an adult learner, a PROFESSIONAL learner: while I can do on my own, I am so much greater when I collaborate with others. This approach recognizes, in a very real and tangible way, the risk involved in teaching and learning. If we aspire to great things, we must be willing to risk greatly. AISI has been just such a platform for such safe-risk. I cannot thank you enough for capturing this learning from the conference … it was a risk to ask people to show their learning. And I do believe that the reflective, professional trajectory, the fuse, if you will, has been ignited.

    Yours, Kelly

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