Twitter Chat- Understanding Online Communities for Learning

twitter-bird2Every other Wednesday at 7pm Mountain learners gather online and have an #aisinetwork sponsored Twitter chat. Last night we discussed creating, leading, and supporting online communities as well as attributes of a healthy online community and the common pitfalls/challenges that online communities face.

We typically invite folks from the #plpnetwork to join us during our chats. And we encourage those who are new to Twitter to join in as well.


Because of the length of tweets and depending on which tag you follow sometimes people only use one hashtag or the other. So I always like to include the transcripts from both.

Here are the results from the #aisinetwork tag-

Here are the results from the #plpnetwork tag-

Below are just a few of the key ideas and resources that came out of the conversation.

  • Did you know the USDOE has put together an entire online community directory?
  • Here is an interview about the PLP Community –
  • Here is an interview around the Educator’s PLN community #edchat
  • Belonging and participating are 2 different things. Agree?
  • Be committed to giving as much as or more than you get
  • Dedicate yourself 2 the cause, commit the necessary time &energy 2get return.
  • Look at this graphic. Which challenges jump out at you?
  • Attributes of a healthy online community
  • Begin with loose governance. Let go as member leadership and ownership surfaces.
  • Graphic of Designing for evolution
  • Sense of ownership too. I think community members need to feel it isnt being done to them all the time.
  • Everyone adds value. I think that is the message everyone needs to hear and is an essential part of any community.
  • How does a purpose become agreed upon, established? What’s the process?
  • Advantage of online vs f2f is doing vs pontificating. ie here:
  •  I’m thinking collegial– those discussions are deeper, more about crafting better practice
  •  I would like key elements of trust and honesty where having diff pov is valued. Where it challenges my thinking.

Join us next on March 27, 2013, when we will meet on Twitter to discuss “What now? Reflecting on AISI’s Legacy” 

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