AISI- What’s Next?


As you will have heard, AISI funding will cease at the end of March, 2013. Many in the AISI community have strongly expressed shock, concern and disbelief via twitter, blogs and other social media. The community has also been articulate in the support and recognition of the amazing legacy of AISI, the little innovation engine that could.

The good news is that our online community of inquiry will continue to support AISI schools’ growth, networking and connected learning. This is a good thing, as people continue to join the community daily. It could potentially be refocused around the values of Inspiring Education: if that is the case, it is an opportunity to open the community up to all educators in Alberta. If staying connected with others who are committed to improving teaching and learning in Alberta is important to you, please continue to be active and make your learning visible in this space, on Twitter, and in the Online Community. Many people are in the midst of data collection and just starting to reflect on what they are seeing…we hope you will share that learning.


We will keep you updated. In the meantime, we are launching a new focus we are calling the AISI Legacy Project.

What is the AISI Legacy Project? Twelve plus years is a long run for any learning initiative. And many have told us that things have only gotten better with each cycle in terms of what schools are learning and the knowledge we are constructing. Quite a legacy.

And not just a legacy- what a great body of knowledge to propel us to what is next. The AISI work will live on in the research you are doing in your schools. Here in the AISI Community and out in the AISI Network (on Twitter, the Blog and our YouTube channel) we plan to continue that legacy through your stories, your memories, and you projects. But we need your help.

Everyone has a story. And it is from all your stories knitted together that we begin to see the deep value in the learning mosaic that makes up AISI’s legacy. We are putting together those stories as a way to share with others the amazing work schools and school authorities have done over the years through AISI. We are building the legacy.

We want to tell the world about your ideas, your success, your current work, and what you have learned. We will do this in several ways.

1. Your Narratives– have a story, a memory, something that helps us all understand the legacy of AISI? Then please share it here or in a blog post. If you write a blog post then please reply here with the url (link). With your permission, we then want to post your stories on the AISINetwork blog (either through taking them from your reply here or by a repost of your blog.) Please hit reply to this discussion and tell us your fondest memories or greatest takeaways from your AISI work so far.

2. Your Videos– the AISI Network has a YouTube Channel and we know how to use it. We would love for you or you and your team to record a short video highlighting your best AISI memory, your current action research or findings, or maybe you want to perform a song, a poem, or something else entertaining. Once you create the video then reply here with the link on YouTube so we can go get the embed code and share it. We can also put your video clips up on our YouTube channel for you and link it back.

3. Legacy Project Twitter Chat – On March 27 at 7 pm MDT we will have a Twitter chat and invite the world. Our topic? YOU. We want to have a one hour conversation where AISI schools share memories, artifacts, areas of inquiry, data, and stories about your years in AISI. Let’s let the world know what has been most important to you about the work. Never been involved in a Twitter chat? No worries –we’ll show you how.

4. Legacy Project Webinar – Enjoy the fellowship  that will come from collectively remembering and sharing the best years of AISI. We will host a webinar on April 4, 2013 at 4pm to honour the legacy AISI has left in each of our hearts and schools. Invite your school. We will invite others. Together let’s tell the world just what you did during the years of collaborative learning AISI style.

5. Google Hangout and Skype Interviews– We would love it if your AISI team will let us interview you via web cam in Google Hangout of Skype. A facilitator will ask questions to help you tell your story. If you are interested then please reply here and we will be in touch to make an appointment for the interview. Interviews will be edited and you will have an opportunity to review.

So let’s get started! The best place to begin is right here. Hit reply and tell us– what do you remember about AISI? What have you learned? Maybe you could begin your reply with something simply like– I remember when…

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