AISI Legacy Project- Twitter Chat

 Last night, March 27, 2013 we held a Twitter chat and invited the world to listen in. Our topic? YOU (the Alberta educator). For over one hour we had a conversation reminiscing aisi5-quilt-block-blue2about the memories, artifacts, areas of inquiry, data, and stories participants had during the last 12 years with AISI.

Here is the transcript from the evening with a few selected Tweets featured below.

Miss out? Don’t worry you can join us for the AISI Legacy Project webinar which will take place on April 4, 2013 at 4pm MST.

Sheryl NussbaumBeachSheryl NussbaumBeach @snbeach
If you are working on an AISI project the AISI community will continue to support your learning. #aisinetwork

Q2 As you think back –What was your best year in the#aisinetwork and why?

Janne Edney@Techlectic A2 This year. Loved the action research focus, loved the way it was being taken up in different school authorities. #aisinetwork

Charmaine Brooks@CharmaineBrooks Q2 Honestly – this year was the best. We dug deep and made significant shifts to more tightly focused projects. #aisinetwork

Kelly CEC@kellyecjohnson A2 this year. Amazing energy around pro learning and sharing challenges and successes across province. #aisinetwork

Q3 Share a little about your area of inquiry this year. What are you learning? Any stories to tell? #aisinetwork Describe your “dig deep” exp

A2 – A lot of great collaboration with the topic of engagement.#aisinetwork

A2. #Aisinetwork I think AISI got better every year. It was the catalyst for a culture shift that was gaining more steam every year.

AISI has inspired and support me to be innovative and creative. Professional learning at its best #aisinetwork

RT @jamestrodden: learning coaches work side by side with teachers that volunteer to work with a coach. It was our aisi project.#aisinetwork
Q4 What type of measure or data was collected? As you made inferences or looked for patterns, what was surprising/interesting?#aisinetwork

maureen_parkerMaureen Parker@maureen_parker
@Andreagutmann Andrea, I agree. Learning to take risks is an AISI effect. It has helped us ‘learn how to learn’ more deeply.#aisinetwork


#aisinetwork In a way, AISI allowed us all to become learning coaches:

A3/A4 we looked closely at developing our literacy and numeracy programs. Were able to log remediation growth #aisinetwork helped sp Ed!
AISI built a lot of bridges amongst our islands of teaching in our school and district. It brought teachers together. #aisinetwork

kellyecjohnsonKelly CEC@kellyecjohnson
@snbeach @millerg6 collaboration is key! I recall encouraging teachers 2 share what DIDN’T work just to get ball rolling.#aisinetwork


@AISINetwork A4. Learned how to choose & develop meaningful measures. Became easy to tell when the measure wasn’t aligned.#aisinetwork

@snbeach If a measure couldn’t provide info about progress towards a goal, knew we needed a tighter, more meaningful measure. #aisinetwork

The most significant teacher learning I have seen AISI empowers teacher to be researchers & legitimizes their change efforts.#aisinetwork

A4. #aisinetwork We came 2 realize that the measures we were using (PATs, CAT4, other stand tests) didn’t align well w/ our projects.

@snbeach It is the evolution of teacher professionalism allows the use of data and validates that they are change agents. #aisinetwork
Q5 Is there an individual you owe a debt of gratitude to who has mentored, led, or helped you in some way through #aisinetwork? Explain

@jamestrodden gives real feedback and connects our (teacher) actions and choices to student impact. #aisinetwork

A5. Our AISI coordinator, @LLenaour has been amazing in her innovation, organization and support… & she will continue to be.#aisinetwork

A5 #aisinetwork Innovation may be localized & contextual, honouring ppl who live it.
Q6 Talk about the innovations or knowledge creation that has resulted from AISI work #aisinetwork. How are you or is your school different?

@millerg6 it strikes me that a competency is less about measurement, more about evidence. Measured has a ceiling.#aisinetwork

A6. #aisinetwork This interactive timeline outlines some of the innovation happening at my school b/c of AISI:

@kellyecjohnson Would love to see portfolios replace report cards, demonstrating an understanding of important competencies.#aisinetwork

@snbeach lasting change from AISI from teachers believing they exist within a set system to they can change the system.#aisinetwork

A6 The sheer volume and depth of learning-focused, student-centred prof. conversations is, in part, an #aisinetwork legacy.#brsd
Q7 How do you know the kids are learning or more engaged? How is what you are doing transforming the learning for students?#aisinetwork

A7 The best AISI involved students being part of the drivers of projects. researchers and learners along side their teachers.#aisinetwork

A7. Teachers are designing/integrating authentic learning that makes ME want to be a student in their classrooms. I’m serious.#aisinetwork

A7 #aisinetwork goes back to what @maureen_parker said about aligned data, choosing strong evidence.

A7 they can articulate their learning, connections, how it makes them curious 4 more. Skilled learners, who enjoy learning.#aisinetwork

A7. #aisinetwork Two videos: 1. Our 21st Century 2. Mystery Skype  Student engagement.
Q8 What is your best memory of AISI? Something that makes you smile or elicits some other emotion? #aisinetwork

A8 AISI Conf 2013-Hearing from teachers & students how projects were living in classes, seeing the engagement & learning.#aisinetwork

A8 the strides our LD students made in reading skills made me smile #aisinetwork

A8 Best memory @coffee house a student in AISI leadership proj tellime the new principal what AISI was and why it is important#aisinetwork

A8. #aisinetwork AISI sharing sessions at AISI Leads gatherings, admin meetings, district PD Days. Loved the sharing of best practices.

@snbeach AISI colleagues inspire me. AISI Leads PD in #brsd has been filled with learning, laughter, tenacity, profess’lism.#aisinetwork

A8. Was forever changed by AISI-sponsored PD in 2001 where I learned to better support jr/sr high students with their reading.#aisinetwork

#aisinetwork AISI will continue in the lives of children it impacted and developed teacher capacity
#aisinetwork Thanks for providing a track for us to run on.

jamestroddenJames Trodden@jamestrodden AISI allowed teachers to become their own researchers of lived experience. students were the ultimate winners of this dream.#aisinetwork


Aisi created collaboration for us, between our students and between colleagues #aisinetwork #pln

AISI has laid the groundwork that makes Inspiring Education possible in this province. Learning focus. Student focus. #abed#aisinetwork

Kevin DeForgeKevin DeForge ‏@kevindeforge14h #aisinetwork Would rather see PATs go and AISI stay if cut backs needed to be made.

Kelly CECKelly CEC ‏@kellyecjohnson15h  I contend that Insp Ed would not have the traction it does w/o AISI paving the way. #aisinetwork

photo credit: Holy Spirit AISI | Engaging our

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