Exciting News! AISI Network Reinvented!

Did you notice the blog looking a little different? Wondering if you are in the right place?

Exciting news! In order to build on and continue the legacy of your work in AISI, we are giving the AISI Network a new look and focus! Guided by Inspiring Education we are launching a new open online learning community for all Alberta educators (including preservice teachers) under the name “Inspired Learning” and giving it a new url- (http://inspiredlearning.ca). Our Twitter account (@inspiredlrn) will also be getting the Inspiring Learning treatment.

The best part is you will not need to do anything to join the community, blog or Twitter account. If you are a member/follower now you are good to go! The even better news is you can now invite all your friends and colleagues to join us too. Know an educator or preservice teacher that would benefit from collaborating together online with us? Then please, invite them to join http://inspiredlearning.ca. Inspiring Learning is open to all Alberta educators.

Our focus will be on supporting implementation of the Inspiring Education  transformation through connected learning and best practice.

Community members will continue to engage in dialogue about common problems and interests and explore ways of working collaboratively, identify common solutions, and share good practice and ideas.

Opportunities will be provided to:

  • connect with like-minded colleagues and peers
  • share experiences and learning
  • enable collaboration and achieve common outcomes
  • explore ways to make the vision of Inspiring Education come to life
  • accelerate learning
  • improve student learning experiences and achievement
  • validate and build on existing knowledge and good practice
  • share resources, ideas, and examples of inspired learning in your classroom or school
  • innovate and create new ideas
  • grow leadership potential

Throughout the design, development and growth of this network, community members will be challenged to make connections and share what they know and are learning together. The Inspired Learning community will be successful and a worthy investment if we all are willing to join, contribute and transparently share what we are learning.

The new community will also serve as a space  to actively support those continuing work on their AISI projects, as well as those taking a new focus on the work of transformation through the lens of Inspiring Education.

Be on the lookout for a survey that seeks your advice on how to best support your continued connected learning in our new Inspired Learning online community. Help us spread the news, and invite your friends to join us as well. (http://inspiredlearning.ca).

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