New to Twitter? No Worries – Join Us Anyway


August Twitter Chat Series

Sunday, August 25, 2013 6:30pm Mountain time

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Tommorow– join us for a 6:30-7:30 MT Twitter chat. Our topic? Blogs. We want to have a one hour conversation about the best way to get started Blogging. This one hour chat will help you learn how. We will make sure those new to Twitter get their questions answered and meet others who are pros from around the world.

Never been involved in a Twitter chat? No worries – we show you how (see below).

If you are new to Twitter Chats, we look forward to your first one being with all of us and have a few tips for you:

  1. Twitter Chats are fast paced, so be sure to use a program like Tweet Deck, TwitterFall, Twubs or something similar to keep track of all the posts.
  2. Remember to attach the hashtag #inspiredlrn to all of your questions, answers, etc. during the discussion
  3. Look for Questions to begin as Q1, Q2, etc. and construct your Answers to begin with A1, A2, etc.
  4. Don’t worry if you miss some tweets, you can always go back and review everything later when we post the transcript here.
  5. It is always a good idea to construct a few tweets about the topic in advance. (remember to keep them to 140 characters)
  6. When the topic is something newish to you, try Googling it in advance to learn a bit so you will have value to add to the conversation.
  7. It is acceptable to tweet links as part of your replies in the conversation.
  8. Part of the fun is to RT (retweet) posts you think are provocative or note worthy.
  9. You can view all the tweets using the #inspiredlrn hashtag by tweeting #inspiredlrn and then clicking on it. All the tweets with that hashtag will come in to view.

Twitter in the classroomGet your free Twitter Handbook for Teachers, a 13-page guide to Twitter. This guide is for educators who are new to Twitter,or veterans to the social media platform who want to bring Twitter into their classrooms or grow their network. Grab yours here.

If you are new to chatting on Twitter, check out this post, How to get the most out of participating in a Twitter chat, for tips and ideas.

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