Connected Educator Book Club- everything you need to know!

teacherpreneursconnected_educatorWhat: Four books and their authors share insights and push your thinking around the content.

When: A new book launches each week in the month of October.

Where: In a cool new CEM educational community called edConnectr.

what_school_leadersinvent_to_learnHow: Twitter chats and webinars with the authors, asynchronous exploration of the key ideas with others in the club, weekly author updates and videos.

Why: “None of us is as smart as all of us.” You will learn new things and make connections with interesting people.

The Connected Educators Book Club is an opportunity to read books about or related to connected learning, then discuss them with your peers and the author, through asynchronous (self-paced) dialog (in edConnectr) and two real-time webinar discussions in Blackboard Collaborate in this room.  You’ll also receive weekly emails from the club highlighting the latest book-related discussions and events.


Now: Join edConnectr to start and then click here to learn more.

edConnectr signup includes simple questions about your role, expertise, needs, and interests that will help improve your book club experience.

October 1: 7pm EST (NY time) – CEM Book Club Twitter chat hosted by the four CEM feature book authors. Join us for a lively conversation around key themes in the books. Plenty of time for Q&A.


teacherpreneursCheck out, get the book

October 1: Teacherpreneurs book club launches
October 3: 7:30pm EST (NY time) Kickoff webinar with the authors
November 14: 7pm EST Closing webinar with the authors

The Connected Educator

connected_educatorCheck out, get the book

October 7: The Connected Educator book club launches
October 8: 6pm EST (NY time) Kickoff webinar with the authors
November 11: 7pm EST Closing webinar with the authors

Invent to Learn

invent_to_learnCheck out, get the book

October 21: Invent To Learn  book club launches
October 21: 9pm EST Kickoff webinar with the authors
December 4: 9pm Closing webinar with the authors

What School Leaders Need To Know

what_school_leadersCheck out, get the book

October 28: What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media book club launches
October 28: 7pm EST Kickoff webinar with the authors
December 2: 7pm EST Closing webinar with the authors


This CEM Book Club Info video will explain the details and help you navigate the edConnectr space and book club groups:

 What Do I Need To Know?

  • Each book club will kickoff asynchronously on a Monday during Connected Educator Month. They will last six weeks each, but discussions can continue long after the book club ends.

  • Participants in the book clubs can register and join the edConnectr community before the actual October 1 launch date. The groups for specific books will open on that book’s start date.

  • October 1 there will be a #hashtag chat using the #ce13 tag to announce all of the CEM feature books and give book club participants a chance to chat with the authors.

  • When a book club launches (schedule above) those participating in that book club will join the appropriate group and begin to get to know one another and weigh in through threaded conversations.

  • Sometime during the first week of each CEM featured book club launch, there will be an interactive, live webinar with the author(s). The kickoff webinars will give an overview of the book with emphasis on key ideas and led by the author and another facilitator.

  • Asynchronously, each week in the edConnectr Book Groups there will be structured threaded discussions related to the chapters. This will also provide the opportunity for  participants to engage with the authors and each other as they discuss the concepts and how to apply them in their local context and setting.

  • Each week there will be a homework assignment for the next week. Such as what chapters to read, what to ponder, or things to try.

  • In most cases, the Book Club group discussion will be led by the author(s) each week. However, in all cases the authors will provide a weekly update thread or video.

  • At the end of the six weeks each CEM book club will end with a celebratory webinar hosted by the author(s).

  • A certificate of completion or participation will be available for book club participants, in a form you can print out and as a digital badge.

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