2014 New Year Challenge in the Inspired Learning Community

 It is a new year and boy do we have some exciting adventures for you planned in your Inspired Learning Community. We are throwing out a challenge to help you get in the best connected learning shape ever. We have recruited a few folks to help us and we are hoping more of you will volunteer to join in leading some of the best whole school/whole teacher learning available.

Our 2014 Goals include:

1. Ongoing drive for new members. Expanded user population that includes all Alberta educators involved in implementation of Inspiring Education

We need your help. Please invite any Alberta K-12 Educator you know to join us in this community. There is no cost and there will be multiple opportunities to learn and grow around the Inspired Learning themes.

2. Deeper interactions between members as well as evidence of  co-created strategies.

We have brought in some of the best connected coaches we know– both from abroad and some from right here in Alberta (Josh Hill, Kirstin Tschofen, Erin Quinn). We will be posting bios as they arrive.

We have also invited Alberta’s Lorelie Lenaour from Holy Spirit RCRSD #4 to join Lani and Sheryl as a community leader. And some experienced voices (both local to Alberta and global from around the world) to join us and share on specific topics related to our Inspired Learning theme.

Together all of us will be doing our best to encourage each of you to be active and interact with each other here in our learning community. We hope each of you will be willing to share what you know works and why. We will also offer opportunities for you to work together on projects globally that everyone can use back in your local Alberta context.

3. Creation and sharing of new Inspired Learning aligned resources and innovative practice

We will be sharing the best content out there to help you in redefining and improving your classroom practice. We will also be engaging you (the community) to help us create needed resources that inform your work.

4. Become more informed about 1) Inspired Education principles, 2) Opportunities for visibility in Alberta, 3) Ongoing issues in Alberta education

Collectively as a community of practice we want to share and inform around these three area of focus. Together we can grow in our understanding and implementation of the Inspired Education principles and how they play out in Alberta’s classrooms.

5.  Develop self paced e-courses that will help Alberta educators grow in their connected learning skills. Offer multiple opportunities to learn together with others from around the world highlighting the success of Alberta educators from their work in classrooms and schools.

We hope you will connect with us in various scheduled global events sharing what you are learning and implementing around the Inspired Learning principles.

Your 2014 challenge? Log in at least once a day and do something.

Suggestions include:

  • reply to a threaded discussion around a topic that interests you
  • start a discussion
  • join the Newbie Room and engage
  • update your profile page to include your work and passionate interests
  • volunteer to help in the various activities as they are announced and launched
  • post a video or picture
  • engage in a group that interests you
  • ask questions and dialog with a coach
  • participate in one of the events of activities

So what are your 2014 learning goals? How can you utilize this online learning community to connect, collaborate and co-create with others? Share your ideas in this comments below.

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