Inspired Learning begins its new “experienced voices” series

We’re excited that Rhonda Hergott, Ontario educator, has joined the Inspired Learning community as an experienced voice for the month of January.   Rhonda is the first of the experienced voices in a series  of 5.

Rhonda blogs at and is @rhondahergott on Twitter. She will be sharing her extensive expertise with PBL in weekly discussions that you won’t want to miss. She has posted a challenge in her first discussion and we can’t wait to see your ideas and strategies in the conversation too.  Please welcome her to our community.

In addition, you’ll want to join Rhonda for a one hour webinar as she shares her journey into PBL in her classroom on February 6 at 8 PM EST (New York). Currently her Grade 8s are designing and experimenting with building a marble roller coaster to enter into the Canada’s Wonderland Roller Coaster Competition and are working on a proposal to design and build a miniature golf course in their township that represents what the township is all about. Talk with her about her measures for engagement, ask her about learning in her classroom, and share PBL from your classroom too. We’ll be meeting in Blackboard Collaborate for one hour of great conversation and learning.

Join us in the community and contribute to our collective learning.

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