Inspired Learning

Extensive dialogue and consultation with Albertans resulted in a visionary and innovative plan for education in this province. Albertans identified three specific outcomes they strongly valued for an educated society. These attributes have become fondly known as “the 3 E’s” and they include:

  • Engaged Thinker: who thinks critically and makes discoveries; who uses technology to learn, innovate, communicate, and discover; who works with multiple perspectives and disciplines to identify problems and find the best solutions; who communicates these ideas to others; and who, as a life-long learner, adapts to change with an attitude of optimism and hope for the future.
  • Ethical Citizen: who builds relationships based on humility, fairness and open-mindedness; who demonstrates respect, empathy and compassion; and who through teamwork, collaboration and communication contributes fully to the community and the world.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: who creates opportunities and achieves goals through hard work, perseverance and discipline; who strives for excellence and earns success; who explores ideas and challenges the status quo; who is competitive, adaptable and resilient; and who has the confidence to take risks and make bold decisions in the face of adversity.

From Inspiring Education, pp. 5-6

Inspired Learning aims to support the education community in Alberta in rising to the challenge of transforming the education system to make this vision a reality.  It is a place to connect leadership, learning and learners, to have dialogue about the challenges and successes of the transformative process, to share resources, to build knowledge and innovation, and to connect with like-minded people from all sectors of the education system.

Specifically, our purpose continues to be to provide community members with opportunities to:

  • connect with like-minded colleagues and peers
  • share experiences and learning
  • facilitate collaboration and achieve common outcomes
  • explore ways to enact the vision of Inspiring Education
  • accelerate learning
  • improve student learning experiences and achievement
  • validate and build on existing knowledge and good practice
  • share resources, ideas, and examples of inspired learning in your classroom or schools
  • innovate and create new ideas
  • grow leadership potential 

We hope Alberta educators will join us in the Inspired Learning online community and look forward to sharing our learning together.


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